Hairy Craic Imperial Irish Cream


Full bodied stout aged on southern whisky oak which imparts an enveloping warmth. Infused with cold press Tahitian vanilla extract and a taste of mocha.

Champion Barrel-aged and wood-aged beer NZ Beer awards 2019

ABV 9.0%

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“Whether it’s cattle or lambs or beer, we’re always striving for the best. We want to have the best stock and the best brews.”

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lakeman brewing co.

Taupo's award-winning CRAFT Brewery

The Lakeman team works consistently to perfect our brews and strive for the best. Entering competitions is a way to ensure consistency and receive critical feedback. If we are not winning medals, we believe we are doing something wrong and continue to prefect. 

Over the years the accolades have come, receiving medals at national and international awards including champion trophy beer two years in a row with Hairy Hop IPA in 2018 and Hairy Craic in 2019 at the NZ Beer Awards and Hopadelic IPA sitting in the top 30 of New World Beer and Cider awards for 2020. 

The 2022 award season saw eight beers sent to the Australian International Beer Awards with all eight beers receiving medals with three golds, four silvers, and one bronze and at the 2022 NZ Beer Awards, Lakeman brought home thirteen medals.

The dedication of the Lakeman team has paid off in 2024 with three of our core beers earning positions in the Top 30 at the New World Beer and Cider Awards, claiming two of the top three spots in the pale ale category with Taupo Thunder NZIPA and Big Hairy APA, and last year’s Supreme Beer Primate Pilsner returning as the trophy winner in the Pilsner category.


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