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“We see sustainability as the bones of everything, as part of every aspect of business, environment, community and most importantly our family and future generations”

A move to more environmentally friendly farming practices was necessary in order to protect the water quality of Lake Taupo. This move was to ensure a more sustainable future for Lake Taupo and that flows onto communities. It made us diversify the offering from our farm situated on the shores of Lake Taupo, to develop a more sustainable income stream for the sake of the property and future generations. Protecting the overall water quality is met with high importance across all aspects of the farm, brewery, and region.

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our greatest asset

Wherever possible, everything comes back to the farm first. Every time we do something we try and think about how it will minimize our impact on the environment. Not only have we reduced animal numbers and fertilizer on the farm for less impact on the waterways, but we’re also always taking other steps to be more sustainable. We have been changing to new grass species to increase grass production and reduce our reliance on cropping. This year we have managed to complete a cycle with no cropping. This has meant we have not used herbicides and pesticides and reduced the amount of fertilizer applied. We are no longer using baylage and returning to classic hay bales to reduce the use of plastics.

lake quality water
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In the brewery, we are constantly looking at and considering options to reduce our environmental footprint. All our packaging is cardboard and we have recently changed to aluminum cans, which can be recycled again and again. Aluminum cans are also lighter than glass bottles and this reduces the overall weight of shipments, therefore, reducing the emissions on the delivery of our stock nationally.

All wastewater from the brewery containing the old hops and yeast is irrigated onto the surrounding paddocks. James is sure the grass loves the mix. The cattle also get the benefit of being fed the spent grain. On a cold winter’s day, there is nothing better than the hot steaming mash.

“To see the business evolving and the small way we are having an impact on local people and the community by the way of jobs is one of the most satisfying aspects of the business for me. As we grow I am really mindful of the impact we are having on our home. We would like Lakeman to be inter-generational whether it is with our family or someone else’s. We will only do that by looking after this place and the water resource.”

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finding the balance 

our place. our people

It is also very important to us to make sure our staff and those working with us can enjoy a sustainable income and lifestyle which in turn gives us a sustainable team and business. Offering a work-life balance that allows our team to make the most of what’s on offer in the Taupo district including mountain biking, horse riding, and of course everything that you can do on and in the pristine waters of Lake Taupo

It has been and continues to be the community that supports us, so everywhere we can we support community incentives, get behind local events, utilise local contractors, and offer employment to local families we do. Locals help with everything from label design to stocking Lakeman beer in their stores or bars, and all of this supports the business and in turn, Taupo which helps grow a sustainable and supportive community. 

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