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When the idea gets put in front of you that an iconic New Zealand television series wants to feature you, you take a second glance at each other, laugh and think should we do it?

It turns out it’s what lies beneath the land that really triggered their interest in the story of our farm and Lakeman Brewing.

We did say yes, and with a little bit of prep and haircuts all around, in August 2022 the crew from Country Calendar arrived at the house, and it was really happening! Here to follow us for 5-6 days doing everything around the farm, in the brewery, at a woolshed lunch, a trip to Jimmy Coops and some family pony rides, they say it’s a marathon not a sprint. The nerves were high on day one, these big cameras, eyes and ears on everything we say and do but we have to say the team at Hyundai Country-Calendar were such a great group of people and they really made a daunting task almost fun!

lakeman cc

The filming was done, it was all in their hands and with no preview it was time for it to air on national television. We gathered at home with some friends, family and Beau the dog lined up in front of the couch with the kids and nervously sat there to see just how this was going to all come out, with a Lakeman or two to calm the nervous it was on.

That opening scene, the lake, the mountains and the cattle, what a view! From there, it was a really honest showcase of our region, farm and everything we had to juggle to get here! There were a few laughs going around the room, a few cringes, the girls blushing and a potential endorsement from bake beans. 

countrycalendarsomethingsbreweingpony 1

 By the end the nerves had settled, and we took a moment to celebrate. The hours, days and weeks following the episode, we were really taken by the comments, support and engagement from people all around the country, from sharing their stories, reaching out with encouragement, ordering online or making the trip to Jimmy Coops to taste Lakeman, it was truly humbling.

You can still catch the episode online:

Hyundai Country Calendar – Season 2022, Episode 33

cc insta

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