Happy Beer Day Y’all!​

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We asked some of our hard working team for their top picks to celebrate international beer day with…


James’s favourite at the moment is Valley of Dreams, a Double Hazy IPA that’s full of beautiful big tropical and sweet fruit notes. He thanks NZH105 hop for that! 

For Elissa, be it that it marks the end of the day or is like summer in a can, she really enjoys the smooth little gem that is Sundowner Hazy with its tropical and stone fruit flavours.

Rory is taking one for the dark beer team with our approachable yet decadent stout called Stout! It’s the roast malt flavours and notes of cold-brewed coffee that makes it his pick of the day!

Laura, our Canadian brewer goes for a classic crisp Lager or as she calls it a crispy boy! Clean, refreshing and a touch of citrus!

Keeping with Laura’s and internationals, next up is Laura (yes we have two) our Welsh pack house master and she’s going for a 5 O’clock Somewhere, of course perfectly chilled straight from the chiller, the beer that is not Laura! This top selling Hazy is best chilled, any day, any time!

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Jess’s pick is one of our newly released seasonal beers, On Trial 2. Another big juicy Hazy IPA that’s been a fav in her house with her beer guru hubby after its release at the NZIPA challenge in June!

Holly, who let’s just say isn’t the biggest beer drinker on the team goes for the Primate Pilsner, as we all know this award winning classic is vibrant, bright and an excellent example of a NZ Pilsner that even the non beer lover out there can enjoy!

So what’s your pick for international beer day?
If you’re stuck you can always grab a Hairy Box!

Cheers 🍻
PS can you tell it’s like 2 degrees at the brewery today!

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